Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Teaser Tuesday: Inferno by Julie Kagawa

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Inferno by Julie Kagawa.

Inferno – Harlequin Teen

“That’s a little worrisome. Do you think this is the welcome party?”
— Chapter 4

You’ve been with us all this time and went through all this trouble, just to betray us in the end. You should have just shot us all in the back while we were on our way here and saved Talon the effort.
— Chapter 32

With the number of ongoing series I’m reading I’m always a little caught off guard when I’m actually getting to the last book in a series. Especially, if it’s a longer series such as this one. This is, after all, the fifth book … and the third/fourth (depending on how you count the Iron Fey) series of this author I’m finishing. Has it really been another four years?
One would think that I’d gotten used to Julie Kagawa’s ways by now: Interesting outset and world/character development, high stakes, cliffhangers, even higher stakes, a touch of romance with possibly some triangle/complications, and an epic finale. And yet she gets me with that every time with that final battle where I’m racing towards those final battle chapters thinking that this cannot under any circumstances end well.
I am, for the most part, a romantic at heart and can almost always be persuaded by a happy end – although I also know to appreciate a bitter-sweet or sad end, and even the occasional catastrophe. With this final book I liked the battle scenes and preparation and build up, it all very neatly came together from the entire series. And yet … and yet I felt that a few things were tied off or fell into place too neatly especially after that truly horrifying mind torture part in the previous book. I’m not saying that I would have preferred a little more of that because no way. This really is complaining on a very high level and what I’m basically saying is that I still wasn’t ready to let go of these characters. Again. Basically, all is well that ends well with a few minor smudges on the trophy.
The one thing I truly cannot praise enough though is Julie Kagawa’s ability to write kick-ass, no-name-taking, developing heroines. Her male characters are quite tolerable as well, but her female cast is always a sight to behold. Granted, they can get on your nerves at times, too, but don’t all persons do that … especially when still determining who they are, no matter the age?

What do you do after you’ve finished a series? Do you revisit it after some time in full or do you so to speak put it to rest as is? Share your habits and teasers in the comments!


Laura said...

Good teasers. It's rare that I will revisit a series. There's just so much to read. My Teaser is from a new series by Robert Jackson Bennett.

Kathy Martin said...

Great teasers. I don't think I've read this one yet. I only recall reading a couple in this series. This week I have a science fiction/alternate history story - Her Majesty's American by Steve White. Happy reading!

Catherine said...

I always think the last book in a series needs to be read a second time with some distance - the first time round I'm always just rushing through it to satisfy myself the author hasn't totally screwed up the end, haha. Sounds like a good series!
My Teaser: https://whenitdoes.blogspot.com/2018/08/teaser-tuesday-here-be-dragons.html

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