Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Teaser Tuesday: Sway by Kat Spears

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Sway by Kat Spears.

Sway – St. Martin's Griffin

Still, if you were going to lose either way, it’s better to lose without saying anything so it can’t be held against you later.
— Chapter 24

“Don’t you dare,” Theresa said as she put a handful of fries in her mouth. “It’s my story and mine to share if I want to, which I don’t.”
— Chapter 25

On the off chance that your definition of sway needs as much of a brushing up as mine did when I started reading this book: “Sway helps you make money and money helps make you sway. But sway is not money.” This is conveniently printed right on the first page. It is not quite related to or involving a swing set unless you want to get metaphorical in how on a swing the harder you push something away the stronger it comes back. Disclaimer: This will only work to a certain extend in real life but seems to be utterly successful in literary genres of a particular persuasion.
Nevertheless, this is a very interesting read in that it presents the point of view of the often coveted bad boy, who really is a bad boy in the sense that he commits all kinds of grey-verging-on-black-area misdemeanours. I had a hard time to find an angle to sympathise with him and I think I only succeeded to a certain degree. I still think that the girl is way too good for him and should run screaming in the other direction rather than try to rehabilitate him. He knows this and is in constant wonder of her goodness and possibly later of the fact that she probably likes him more than she should. This is what gives this story an aspect that you don’t see too often. Sure there is a variation of the “I’m not good for you, you should stay away” and the girl then boldly declaring that it doesn’t matter because the guy is inherently good, but here he actually tries to let her be (so some extend). I’m not making excuses for him, because he has made most of the choices for himself and in my opinion should dig himself out of them on his own.I suppose that it is okay for him to receive help as there are outer circumstances that influenced his behaviour. The network he built and dedication to his work are remarkable but not necessarily a good thing to aspire to though.

Can you tell me of a book from the point of view of the redemee rather than the redeemer where the rooting for the redemee is easier because s/he had no other choice rather than has taken the easier choice? Let’s hear from you in the comments!


Eustacia Tan said...

Hmm... I'm not sure if this fits the bill, but I thought of "Run, Baby Run" by Nicky Cruz, which is a autobiography of redemption (from being the leader of a gang, to turning his life around and being a pastor)

My teaser this week is from Cold Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff

Unknown said...

Sounds kind of fun. It could be a good summer read.

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a booklion's hideaway said...

Great teasers! Here's my Teaser Tuesday

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