Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Teaser Tuesday: Paper Towns by John Green

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Paper Towns by John Green.

Paper Towns – Speak

The first shall be last; the last shall be first; the meek shall do some earth-inheriting. But before we can radically reshape the world, we need to shop.
— Part 1 / Chapter 2

We don’t suffer from a shortage of metaphors, is what I mean. But you have to be careful which metaphor you choose, because it matters.
— Part 3 / Chapter 22

Here is how I found myself re-reading John Green, an exercise in two steps. One: In preparation for seeing the movie (which I haven’t yet, because it only opens here this week) I re-watched the trailers and found myself wondering about a few of my favourite quotes. Time to verify! Two: My weekend is mostly gone and I have re-read and highlighted four books. I find that I now liked different aspects and passages than the first time I read them (I’d still always highlight the first-read bits, but I now have even more). I suppose that it is true that quote we like and share in the end tell more about us than about the person who said or wrote them.
I’m very much looking forward to seeing the movie and comparing it to the book. I don’t think that movies have to be a one to one adaption of a book, because they can’t be; but they have to be truthful to the character if they want to call themselves book to movie adaptions. Otherwise they’re just movies. And a good one, I think, can expand the book’s universe because both media can show and do things that the other can’t.

What are your thoughts on book to movie adaptions? Share movies that were you liked – or didn’t in the comments along with your teasers. And let me know if you’ve been to the cinema or plan to go to see Paper Towns.


Vonnie said...

If I really like the book, then I'm usually excited about the movie adaptations. However, I try to keep an open mind when watching these films because they always stray from the book.


Unknown said...

I like both of these. And I should read the book before the movie. As Vonnie mentioned, movies do stray away from the book.

Here's my TT - http://fuonlyknew.com/2015/07/28/teaser-tuesdays-123-onyx-webb/

sherry fundin said...

As an example, I am going to use Zoo by James Patterson. Some things from books will not adapt to movies or TV shows and need to twisted and torques to fit in. I have not problem with that, EXCEPT I still want an entertaining movie or TV show. I don't expect them to be the same.

sherry @ fundinmental My TT

Kathy Martin said...

I haven't ever read anything by John Green. I'm not planning to see the movie either. I just don't do very well with contemporary. I want some magic in my books and movies. My YA teaser this week comes from School for Sidekicks by Kelley McCullough. Happy reading!

Literary Feline said...

I have read a couple of John Green's books and really enjoyed them. I haven't yet tried this one, but I want to. I'm not a huge YA contemporary fan, but I do like Green's writing style.

HeatherAnne said...

I have not read any John Green (I know! How can this be so for a book blogger in this day and age). Not sure where I would start at this point.

I am generally not a fan of book to movie adaptations. They are rarely done well I think it's because, as you mentioned, the movies often don't ring true to the characters as developed in the book. With the exception of the Harry Potter books and movies, I haven't seen an adaptation that I thought did the book justice.

My teaser this week is from Season of Salt & Honey by Hannah Tunnicliffe: http://www.foofynotfoofy.com/foofynotfoofy/2015/7/28/teaser-tuesday-season-of-salt-honey-by-hannah-tunnicliff

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